Cohort Outtake: Peugeot 404 – Still My Beating Heart – And Our 404 Portal


Christmas has arrived early at the CC Cohort. It’s awash in toys of the most varied kind from all over the world. But how can I resist this lovely 404, shot by Yohai Rodin? I can stare at this Pininfarina shape for…longer than I should, as the longing only gets greater. Yes, for those of you more recent arrivals, I once owned half a dozen 404s, and have written up my love stories here (links at end of this post).


This is a very nice example, and appears to be from 1970 or later, as it has the vented wheels and small hub caps, held on by a center bolt, of course. It’s just one of many little details that make Peugeots compelling. One can’t be losing hubcaps or wheel covers when bashing through the African outback.

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