Egg Cars Of All Kinds, Even Edible

Egg car 1

(first posted 3/29/2013)  Sometimes it’s fun to just type in something at google images and see what comes up. Seeing that it’s Easter, how about “egg car”?  This one is apparently popular in the UK; sort of their version of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. It dominated the search results.

Egg Mork-egg-Machine

This on is titled “The Mork Egg Machine”. No further info available or needed.


The Heinkel is not a surprising result. But no Isetta?

Nissan Pivo

Remember the Nissan Pivo from a few years back? It’s body pivoted on its chassis, for some reason that I can’t quite remember right now.

Egg car 2

This one is actually called “Egg Car”, but it looks to be strictly in the digital realm.


The edible egg car.

Egg car mold

Here’s a mold with which to make egg-cars from eggs. Takes a bit of imagination, but kids have plenty of that.

egg -car-2-w

Nicely decorated. Hard boiled?

egg car fr

No info on this one, shot in some museum. Anybody recognize it?

egg -car_5Rtqc_69

Peugeot showed these a while back, as one of so many personal mobility concepts.

Colani Yellow_Egg_city-car_05[1]

This 2006 City Car is instantly recognizable as the work of that eccentric genius, Luigi Colani. The wipers are a real tip-off; they’re the same ones he used on his truck and motor home concepts.

Let’s end on that yellow note. And enjoy your Easter Sunday, regardless of how you chose to spend it.