In Motion Outtake: Volvo Family Ties – The Hendriks Experience

2020 Volvo FH 540 6x2 and 2015 Volvo FH16 750 8x4

A 2020 Volvo FH 540 6×2 tow truck, supporting a 2015 Volvo FH16 750 8×4 heavy haulage tractor. The Swedish truck maker is our market leader in the segment of the road-legal behemoths.

When things are getting really heavy and tough, a powerful Volvo truck or tractor is often the preferred choice. Think logging, construction, special transport and long distance recovery.

2020 Volvo FH 540 tow truck

Here’s the business end of the tow truck. The German Brechtel company supplied the Volvo’s body and tow equipment. (photo courtesy of Internationaal Bergingsbedrijf Hendriks)

2015 Volvo FH16 750 8x4 VWT

The 750 hp tractor, when doing its own tow job. Its drive axles are the only non-steering axles of this whole, 10-axle combination (4-2-4). When you want to go beyond 16 liter engine displacement and 700 hp, your set of wheels will be Swedish anyhow: it’s either a Volvo or a Scania.

The tractor’s curb weight is 13,430 kg (29,608 lbs). Such a heavy haulage tractor never comes light-footed, though it’s merely a no-sweat workout for the Volvo & Brechtel couple.

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