My Top 10 CC Finds Of 2013

CC 217 099 1200

Car spotting is like bird watching, and as most of you other car spotters, shooters and CC Contributors will undoubtedly attest to, bagging a new addition to the collection is by far the biggest thrill of the sport. 2013 was another good year, although perhaps not quite as dramatic as some in the past, as the list of previously unfound cars gets shorter (is that possible?). So here they are, in chronological order.

1984 Ford Tempo

Early Ford Tempo (1984-1985):  Some of my finds, like this Ford Tempo, me seem rather prosaic. But I’m interested in compiling and documenting all the versions of cars since…well, how far back do I want to go? There are a healthy number of Tempos still on the streets here, but the early version, with the original roof, window and grille design, has so far eluded me. Like so many American cars, the Tempo’s durability started out a bit shaky, and improved with time. The later ones are practically certified Cockroaches of the Road™, but this one is a rare survivor. Not yet written up.

CC 190 109 925

Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi Galant gen 2) 1974-1977: The only thing that would have made me happier was to find a gen1 Colt, which I still hold hopes for finding. The whole early RWD Colt family, including the gen3 smaller Lancer-based Colt, have become quite rare on the streets, and this one helps fill in the gaps. Not yet written up.

CC 192 065 950

1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst: And why haven’t I written up this beast yet, of which 501 were produced? I started to one day, got distracted, and never got back to it. Kind of like the new house I started last year….ADD is a bitch, as is the 300H.

CC 194 054 800

1969 Dodge Corey Cruiser: Another odd-ball Chrysler product, but rather different that the 300H. I couldn’t identify it precisely, but remembered having seen them back in the day. of course, one of our astute commenters knew what it was. Post here.

CC 201 037 900

1988 Renault Medallion: This is my favorite kind of find, because of the human element. I ran into these two guys working on what has to be one of maybe two or so running Medallions left in the country, if not the only one. Of course, it wasn’t exactly running quite right at the time, but that only adds to the authenticity of this story. CC here

CC 196 141 900

1969-1972 Toyota Hilux Pickup: Not exactly sitting curbside, but I’ve been wanting to snag a gen1 Hilux for a very long time. Since first seeing it on the road, I continue to see it from time to time, as it’s a regular driver. Post here.

CC 200 095 900

1965 Jeep Gladiator J3000: There’s also still a good number of Glads on the streets, but not the earliest version with the classic grille and the 327 AMC V8. Finding this one in such fine original condition was a boon.  CC here

CC 205 140 925

1966 Dodge Monaco 500: What really made this one a treat was finding it in front of an acquaintance’s house, having no idea that he’d owned this not only for a long time, but since he was sixteen. CC here

CC 207 070 1200

GMC Motorhome: I’ve shot a few of these over the years, but never at the curb. This must be a sign that I can/should/must finally get around to telling its story.

CC 212 080 925

1968 Dodge Charger Six: I’d never quite given up hope to find an unmolested Charger, but when the hood was opened on this one and there was a slant six sitting there, well; that’s about as good as it gets: cargasmic.   CC here 

CC 214 089 925

1957 Ford Fairlane 500: Another important historical milestone car, the first Ford to beat Chevrolet in sales since it lost its lead back several decades earlier. Of course, the ’57 Chevy was a lot better built, and became an icon. Finding a ’57 Ford in original condition on the street with lots of patina is quite a bit harder. Not yet written up

CC 216 090 925

1989 Ford Taurus SHO: Another car I’d almost given up on, but there it was, sitting in a driveway thanks to taking a walk in a part of town I hadn’t explored for a couple of years. Cars do come and go…    Not yet written up

CC 217 078 1200

1965 Rambler Marlin:  It just goes to show that there is carma: I decided to take a CC Calendar out to the owner of the 1950 Cadillac, since his car is on the cover and all, and on the way back, I spotted this gem of a ’65 Marlin on a side street. Now I’m going to have to substantially update and revise the existing Marlin CC, since it lacks the definitive version.

So what memorable cars did you find this past year?