The CC Repo Lot: Don’t Let Your Payments Slip

The Official CC Sales lot may be thriving, thanks to easy daily payment terms starting at $5 per day. But some lovers of vintage iron just can’t seem to keep up, and that’s when the trouble starts. Or maybe it’s because the car won’t start and they can’t make their daily payment. Whatever. But slip behind more than five days, and it’s Judgment Day, and not just on May 21. But their loss is your gain, as these cars are for sale, again. And there are some real gems here.

Now this De Soto is not exactly your typical repo, and it took a while to find it; thirty-four years, actually. But just because someone stashed it behind the barn doesn’t mean it won’t eventually be recovered.

It’s the highly desirable business coupe no less.

Here’s an increasingly rare Colonnade coupe, a Pontiac Le Mans. Sorry, it’s been ages since we repoed a Grand Am.

Here’s a handsome ’75 or so Nova coupe, eager to get back on the road.

I’m afraid I can’t quite say the same about this rare Versailles. The owner ripped it’s highly desirable disc-brake rear axle out of it, which is undoubtedly planted in a hot Mustang 5.0 now. That’s ok; we put a chip on all Versailles rear axles, and we know where you are. Get ready for your Judgment Day.

Here’s the rest of the fine pickings on tap. Are you drooling yet? If not, I’ve saved the best for last.

This beauty of a ’68 Riviera is sure to get an CC fan’s heart going.

I’m a lover of Rivieras, especially the first one. But this one does talk eloquently, and it even spoke to Stephanie, which I hadn’t exactly expected. So before I clean it up a bit (not too much; that would spoil the effect) and give it to her, make an offer.

I’ve also got bricks, windows, tires; you name it. And of course, there’s the truck that does the dirty business.

The name is good, but the truck is way too new; I know. But that’s part of the whole strategy: if we drove up in a real vintage tow truck, folks would know the jig is up. In order to be really stealthy, we sneak up in this rather newish (if 25 years old fits that description) Ford, the Stealthmobile.  Keep those payments current, or your baby will be riding away on the back of it.