Truck Show Outtakes: Heavy 6×2 Trucks With a Roll-Off System – All Ready To Roll

2021 Iveco X-Way - 1

After posting many straight trucks with some type of roll-off system (hooklift, chains, cables) over the past years, I could finally take several pictures of the exposed equipment of such vehicles. All trucks had a 6×2 drivetrain with a liftable tag axle, usually such a chassis is rated at a maximum GVW of 28,000 kg (61,729 lbs).

Especially demolition, waste management and recycling companies own heavy trucks with a roll-off system, these can be considered as their standard hardware. They deliver empty, open top containers at the job site (possibly one’s home address) and collect the loaded ones.

2021 Iveco X-Way - 2

Starting the tour with a brand new Iveco X-Way, powered by an FPT Industrial, Cursor 11 engine (11.1 liter displacement). All Iveco vehicles are equipped with an FPT Industrial power unit, just like everything from the Case-New Holland stable.

2021 Iveco X-Way - 3

See, the Iveco can also be used as a dump truck. Hook & Lift by Hiab-Multilift.

2020 Scania S 650 - 1

What an outstanding brute, this 2020 Scania S 650 V8, with its silver and blue color scheme.

2020 Scania S 650 - 2

At first sight, one might think it’s a flatbed truck. Well, it is a flat bed alright, hoisted aboard the Scania with a VDL Low Version hooklift system. The single-wheeled, liftable tag axle does also steer.

2020 Scania S 650 - 3

The Scania and a fully loaded bed, separated from each other. That’s a 25 tons hooklift, so no sweat! (photo courtesy of VDL Containersystemen)

Belgian draft horses

This heavyset duo, with Belgian roots, can confirm that a horse can tow much more weight than it can carry on its back.

Of course, that principle fully applies to 650 Swedish workhorses too.

2019 DAF XF 530 FAS - 1

2019 DAF XF 530 FAS - 2

A 2019 DAF XF 530 FAS, heavily customized and with the low roof Comfort Cab.

2019 DAF XF 530 FAS - 3

Another Hiab-Multilift hooklift. Obviously, the Kennis crane is mounted directly on the container frame. I caught a similar set-up a few years ago.

2010 DAF CF 85 FAS - 1

2010 DAF CF 85 FAS - 2

The Heinhuis hauling and recycling company brought their 2010 DAF CF 85 FAS to the party. On its chassis, a cable roll-off system.

2010 DAF CF 85 FAS - 3

The cables are on the left, resting on the ground. You can call the guys if you need a temporary storage facility, clearly in the form of an old shipping container.

Scania R-series V8

Just a few steps from Heinhuis to Hein Heun. Mr. Heun owns one of the biggest demolition companies of the country. This older Scania R-series V8, registered in Germany, also has a cable system. You can see the tilting frame’s left winch behind the cab.

2019 Scania R 520 V8 - 1

2019 Scania R 520 V8 - 2

Bodiless, so to speak, this 2019 Scania R 520 V8 with a Hyva hooklift. Thanks to its 10-tons front axle, the truck is rated at 29 metric tons GVW, rather than 28 tons.

2008 Scania R 480 - 1

About a year ago, I spotted this 2008 Scania R 480 8×4 at the job and at work.

2008 Scania R 480 - 2

The pictures I took back then fit in perfectly now, given the subject.

2008 Scania R 480 - 3

All set and ready to bring it home. Dump a load of debris at the nearby HQ, that is.

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