In-Motion Outtake: 1970 Nissan Skyline 2000GT (C10) – Heaven Sent

I spent eight years in the tropics, where the seasons are either scorching and sunny or steamy and wet. I am therefore really enjoying my first autumn in Japan. Cool and windy, very little rain (compared to Europe) – ideal walking weather. And ideal getting-in-your-classic-Skyline-to-run-an-errand weather too, I suppose.

Later Skylines are bloated caricatures of what a sports saloon ought to be. This one, as well as its immediate Prince-badged predecessor, are just perfect incarnations of the genre. Nothing to add or trim off, no gimmicks, no fries with that – just the protein and the vitamins. And judging by the throaty note that came out of this one, a 2-litre 6-cyl. engine.

Not a super-rare GT-R, I think – probably a slightly modified “plain” GT. No slouch, though. It really was gone in 60 seconds. I’m glad I managed to snap three usable photos – none of the front, alas. That’s the problem with drive-by (drive-thru?) photography: it leaves you hungry for more.


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