Cohort Outtake: The Easiest Way To Make A Corvair Fast?


If the Corvair was unsafe at any speed, at least those within its grasp were relatively modest.  Just imagine if it had a big honking V8; well, looks like someone’s beaten me to it.  No, it’s not a particularly inspired idea, but I’ll admit to having never thought of it like the owner of this example–caught by LeSabretoothTiger–did.  Corvairs always were the exception to the meathead approach, and this front-mounted V8 surprised me, but I guess it takes all kinds.


In this case, there’s a bit of methhead aesthetic to go with the meathead engineering and this red convertible fairly screams don’t fuck with me.  It’s not impossible to convert a Corvair like this, given the Y-body connection with the B-O-P senior compacts, and I have to give credit for all the work and planning involved.  Those wheel arch extensions indicate that a solid axle (likely) from a bigger GM car has been fitted, which is a necessity since the swing axles originally locating the rear wheels had to be removed.  Still, I can’t help but imagine the multitude of possibilities the Y-body offers to the motivated enthusiast: what if someone shoehorned an air-cooled Tatra V8 drivetrain into a Corvair?  Now that would be unique!