Curbside Classic Central: Asian Brands

Special CC History Features

1997 Toyota Camry and 1998 Honda Accord – Two Very Different Paths   Brendan Saur


1988 Integra LS: A Hot Hatch For The Civic Minded

1988 Legend Coupe: Precision Crafted Perfomance  Brendan Saur

1989 Legend LS: The Empire Strikes Back   Brendan Saur

1992 Vigor: The Closest Thing to A Real Hardtop   Paul N

1994 Legend LS: True Life: “I’m A Legend”   Brendan Saur

1994 Vigor GS: North America’s Only Choice For A 5-Cylinder, 4-Door Hardtop   Brendan Saur

1997 EL: It Worked in Canada   Gerardo Solis

1997 Integra: Not Just A Fancy Honda (COAL)

1999 3.0 CL: Too Well-Rounded?   Brendan Saur

2004-2008 TL  (Future Classic)   Brendan Saur

2010 TSX: I Picked A Winner (COAL)  Brendan Saur


Espero: J-Car In An Italian Suit   William Stopford

Nubira: A Family COAL   William Stopford


Midget II

1989 Charade: Treat and Retreat

1990 Rocky SE: Technical Knockout   Eric703

1997-99 Daihatsu Applause: *sound of crickets in audience*   William Stopford


1963 Datsun 312 Bluebird (Capsule)

1967 Datsun Sports 1600/Fairlady (SPL311): My Fairlady’s MGB

1969 Datsun 510/Bluebird/1600: How To Fly   Paul N

1971 Datsun 240Z: Revolutions Don’t Come Often

1972 Datsun 1200: Two Door Sedan, Size XS   Paul N

1972 Datsun 1200/Sunny: The Yang To The 1972 Cadillac’s Yin

1972 Datsun 180B: CC For Sale – Orange You Glad I Stopped?   William Stopford

1973-77 B210/120Y/Sunny: Reliable. Well-Built. Ugly.   William Stopford

1974 Datsun 610: Datsun Takes A New Direction:Down

1974 Datsun 710 Wagon: Third Time’s The Charm; Or Not

1974 Datsun 260 2+2 – Two Scoops In The Morning  Joseph Dennis

1977 Datsun King Cab Pickup (620): Yes We Have Long Legs In America

1977 Datsun 200SX (Nissan Silvia S10): The Many Faces Of Silvia

1977 Datsun F-10: It Got An F In Beauty School   Paul

1979-1982 Datsun 310 (Nissan Pulsar/Cherry)    PN

1979 Datsun 510: Revived In Name If Not in Spirit

1980 210 Sedan: The Humble But Well-Traveled Datsun 210

1980 Datsun 210 Sunny Woody Wagon: The CC Manifesto

1982 Datsun/Nissan 810 Maxima Diesel Wagon: Bitching Betty

1983 Datsun 300ZX   Tom Klockau

Ford Australia

1976 Falcon XC 351 GT Ute Found In Oregon: This Time For Real   Paul N

1981-85 KA/KB Laser: A Beam Of Light   William Stopford

1985-87 Telstar TX5 Turbo: In High Orbit   William Stopford

1989-92 Corsair/Nissan Pintara: A Lame Duck Bluebird   William Stopford

1998-2002 AU Falcon: Proven Mechanicals, Avant-Garde Styling   William Stopford

2004 BA Falcon XR6   William Stopford


1965-66 HD Holden Special Station Sedan: The Down Under, 3/4 Scale 1962 Oldsmobile

Statesman DeVille (HZ): If We Can’t Export Our Cars, We Can Export Their Names

1978-81 VB/VC Commodore: The Beginning of a New Era   William Stopford

1980-85 Statesman WB by General Motors-Holden: What A Beaut   William Stopford

1982-89 Camira: The Short-Lived Australian J-Car   William Stopford

1988-91 VN Commodore: Revisiting The Opel Mine   William Stopford

1994-1995 Holden VR Caprice: Broughams Down Under   William Stopford

1997 Astra: First Love   William Stopford

2003-07 Adventra: Territory Enemy and HSV Avalanche   William Stopford

2003-05 ZC Vectra: A High Flyer Stuck At Baggage Check   William Stopford


1963 T360 Truck (History)   PN

1970 N600: From Rolling Acorns Mighty Hondas Grow

1973 Civic: The Second Little Revolutionary   Paul N

1976 Accord: Modern Architecture

1979 Prelude: “A Splendid Automobile”?

1980-1983 Civic:  The Best Small Car by Unanimous Consent   Paul N

1980 Civic Wagon: Don’t Throw Your Baby Away!

1982 Accord: Honda Revolutionizes The US Industry, Again   Paul N

1982 Civic: The First Car of a Lifetime   Carlo diTullio

1983-1987 Honda Prelude: New Priorities   Perry Shoar

1985 Accord: Canary In The Coal Mine For The Traditional American Sedan   Jim Grey

1986-1989 Accord: Ignoring The Future In Favor Of The Present   Perry Shoar

1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon (Shuttle): The Automotive Swiss Army Knife

1990 Honda Accord – Naturalized Citizen   Perry Shoar

1990 CRX HF: I Was Green When Green Wasn’t Cool   Eric703

1991 Beat: And The Beat Goes on (In Canada) (CC Capsule)

1991 Prelude Si: Improving The Original

1991 Honda Civic Hatchback: Citizen Of The World

1990 Civic Coupe PGM-FI (Canadian Version)

1992 Civic Coupe  (Capsule)   Paul N

1993 Concerto TD  (UK): When Is A Honda Not A Honda?   Roger Carr

1994 Prelude 2.2 VTEC: A Prelude Of Better Things To Come?   B234R

1995 Odyssey   Jim Cavanaugh

1996 Honda Accord Wagon: You Might Think It Was The Last Of The Breed 

1997 Odyssey: Not All Americans Can Get Used To Sushi  Brendan Saur

1998 Honda Civic GX NGV (COAL)   Jim Klein

2000 Honda Z UM-4 What Is This?   David Saunders


1988 Excel: The Damn Near Deadly Sin

Atos: A Long Way From Home, And Bleary

1995 Accent/Excel: A Strong Foundation


1990 Q45: l’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, And Doggonit, People Like Me   Perry Shoar

1990-1992 M30 – To Infiniti And Nowhere

1992 M30: Swallowed Up In The Memory Hole

1997 J30: Jellybean Jealousy   Brendan Saur

1999 Q45t: The Japanese Lincoln?   Brendan Saur

2002 G20: That Infiniti Badge Is Gonna To Cost You  Brendan saur

2002 I35: The Maximum Maxima   Brendan Saur

2003 M45: The Closest Thing To An American-Style V8 Four-Door Hardtop In A Long Time   Paul N


1982 I-Mark Diesel: Still Clattering Away   Paul N

1985-89 I-Mark   William Stopford

1986 I-Mark  (COAL)   Jim Klein

1988 I-Mark   Jim Cavanaugh

1988 Isuzu Pickup: No Soup For You!

1989 Amigo

1991 Rodeo   Dave Skinner

1996 Oasis   Jim Cavanaugh

1999 Hombre: When Is An S-10 Not An S-10?

Vehicross: The Ultimate Anti-Corvair? (Outtake)

1999 – ’01 Isuzu VehiCROSS – What’s In A Name?  Joseph Dennis

2003-08 Ascender: Where Were You, Joe Isuzu?   William Stopford


Besta Van

2002 Kia Optima: Anyone Fancy a Rambler? (Future Classic)   Gerardo Solis


1989-91 ES250: Lexus’ Learning Curve   William Stopford

1993 GS300 – Lexus Drives One Into The Sand Trap   Brendan Saur

The Lexus ES: Lexus’ Greatest Hit Or Greatest Regret? (All Generations)   Brendan Saur

1997 SC 400 – V8 Powered Coupes From Japan Are Indeed A Rare Breed   Brendan Saur

1998 Lexus RX 300: A Teaching Moment

2005 RX330: Rollin’ Like The Desperate Housewives  Brendan Saur

2015 NX200t (Driving Impressions)   Brendan Saur

Leyland Australia

Leyland P76: Australia’s Edsel


1962-64 Mazda 600: Carols, And It’s Not Even Christmas Yet   William Stopford

1968 – 1976 Mazda Porter Van  Jim Brophy

1973 808 (aka 818/Mizer/Grand Familia)

1974 Mazda RX-4 Rotary Wagon – Still Spinning

1975 Rotary Pickup

1975 B1800 Pickup

1979 626 Coupe  (COAL)   Jim Klein

1981 GLC/323: Truly The Greatest Little Car Of Its Time?

1981 GLC/323 RWD Wagon: Not Quite So Great

1983 Mazda GLC, Gen Two: The First Really Modern Mazda

1983 RX-7: Zinger!

1986-91 929/Luce: Aren’t You Supposed To Dress For Success?   William Stopford

1988 FC3 RX7: Middle Child Syndrome

1990 MX-5 Miata   Roger Carr

1991 929S: It’s As Big As A Cadillac

1992 MX-3 GS: Smallest Production V6 Engine Ever?

1992 929: The Ur-Millenia   Brendan Saur

1996-97 929: The Swan Becomes An Ugly Duckling    William Stopford

2000 Millenia S: Identity Crisis


1983 Starion: Or Is It Stallion? – Did I Finally Solve The Mystery Of Its Name?

1982-1988 Mitsubishi Cordia: The Last One?

1985-91 Magna: Mitsubishi’s Taurus   William Stopford

1989-91 Magna Elite Wagon: A More-Than-Galant Effort   William Stopford

1986 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Sport: Unpopular in the Heartland (Capsule)   Jim Grey

Express Van: The White, Boxy Cockroach   William Stopford

1991-1999 3000GT (and Dodge Stealth): The King of Diamonds   William Stopford

1991 (Customized) Mitsubishi 3000GT – Calling George Barris   Joseph Dennis

1992 Eclipse: A Victim Of Its Target Demographic

1994 3000 GT SL   Jim Grey

Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear 4×4 Van: It Checks All The Right Boxes Except One   Paul N

1999-2005 Pajero iO   William Stopford

1964 – 1986 Mitsubishi Debonair Jim Brophy


1982-86 Stanza: Well-Versed   William Stopford

1982 Nissan Stanza: Queen Dork   Perry Shoar

1982 Nissan Laurel Givenchy Edition  Jim Brophy

1983-1986 Nissan NX   Mike Butts

1984-86 Gazelle 2.0 SGL Coupe   William Stopford

1986 Nissan Stanza Wagon (Prairie): The First Modern Mini-Van

1983 Nissan Pulsar Five-Door: So Rare I Almost Forgot It Existed

1985 300 ZX Turbo: Your Midlife Crisis Treatment Starts Here   Eric703

1985 Nissan Sentra/Sunny (B11): A Fish Out Of Rodeo Drive

1986-1990 Nissan Pintara/Skyline: The Boxes Enter The Ring   William Stopford

1987 Nissan Van: How Did This Turkey Avoid The Crusher?

Nissan 200SX Turbo: Unused, Unloved, Unlocked   Perry Shoar

1988 300 ZX The Z Tosses Its Leisure Suit   Tom Klockau

1989 Nissan 240SX and SX/Silvia History   Paul N

1989 Micra: Good Autoshite

1990 Nissan Axxess (Prairie gen2): Access Granted For One Year Only   Paul N

1990 Maxima GXE: The Four-Door Sports Car?   Brendan Saur

1991 Figaro: More Anime Than Animal

1991-95 Pulsar: Leader of the Pack   William Stopford

1991-95 NX: Not That Hard A Pill To Swallow   William Stopford

1992 NX 2000 – The Poor Man’s 300 ZX   Brendan Saur

1993 Nissan 300ZX Convertible: Out of Touch, Out of Time   Perry Shoar

Nissan Quest and Mercury Villager: Official Car of Washington Heights   William Stopford

1996 200SX SE: Have We Met?

1999 Altima: A Product Of The Last Decade  Brendan Saur

2002 Nissan Y31 Cedric Brougham: So Square Its Hip

2004 Nissan Murano SL AWD (COAL)   Jim Klein

2017 Nissan Titan: The XD’s Little Brother Comes To Town   Jim Klein


2003-10 Jumbuck: Simple, Honest, Little Car-Truck   William Stopford


Chairman: Photo-Capturing My White Whale   William Stopford


1968 360: It All Started With This Little Rolling Wart   Paul N

1968 360 Sambar Van (Capsule)   Paul N

1977 4WD Wagon (Leone) It Started The Subaru AWD Legacy   Paul N

1978 BRAT: Subie Doo

1979 FE  (COAL)   Richard Wayman

1982 DL 4WD wagon   Jim Klein

1984-94 DL/GL/Loyale: Loyale With Cheese

1984 Subaru GL Hardtop Coupe: A Requiem For The Affordable Hardtop   Paul N

1985 Subaru XT: Forward To The Future In 1985

1988 Justy 4WD: The Mother Earth News Mobile

1989 Justy: Extra Justification

1990 Loyale (Capsule)   Paul N

1990-94 Legacy: The First Generation

1992 SVX: A Price Point Too Far

2000 Forester: The True Cost Of Ownership So Far

2003-06 Baja: The Brat Grew Up   William Stopford

2014 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited (COAL)   Jim Klein


Carry KC 4WD Kei truck   Paul N

Mighty Boy   William Stopford

1988 Suzuki Samurai – If I Just Save All My Money…   Joseph Dennis

1989 Swift GT   David Saunders

1991 – 1997 Cappuccino   William Stopford

1995-2002 Esteem/Baleno   William Stopford

1996 X-90: Barbie Would Drive One Of These

1996-98 X-90: Ahead Of Its Time?   William Stopford


1962 – 1967 Crown (S40): The Generation Gap   Don Andreina

1965 – 1969 Corona: It All Started Here   PN

1965 Toyota Sports 800   Gerardo Solis

1970 Corona Mk II   Dave Skinner

1971 Corona Mark II: Some Things Never Change

1971 Corolla: 1971 Small Car Comparison No.3

1971-74 Crown S60   William Stopford

1972 Corona Coupe: Fortieth High School Reunion

1973 Carina: My CC Holy Grail

1974 Celica ST Coupe   Paul N

1975 Corolla: Indelible Memories Of The Open Road

1976 Corolla Liftback   Paul N

1976 Celica GT Notchback – Hang In There, Baby  Joseph Dennis

1978 Corona: Baseball, Apple Pie and A Corona

1978 Cressida Wagon   Tom Klockau

1979 Celica Supra Mk1: “Plush, Lush; The Powerful Pleasure” Or The Lexus Of Celicas (Classic CC)

1979-83 Corona Wagon (T130): Mint Mediocrity   William Stopford

1979-1982 Tercel: Toyota Nails Another One   Paul N

1979-1981 Celica Sunchaser   Dave Skinner

1980 Corolla: The Datsun 510 Doppelganger

A Gallery Of Toyota Vans: The Official Van Of Eugene

1981 Starlet: The Last OF The Littlest RWD Toyotas   PN

1982-85 Celica Coupe And Liftback: Rice-fed Mustangs

1983-87 Corona: The Sun Sets On The RWD, Japanese Intermediate   William Stopford

1984 Tercel Wagon: Built For The Really Long Haul

1984 Corolla Diesel: Latecomer To The Diesel Party

1984-85 Toyota 4Runner: Beginning Of A Long Line; End Of The Solid Front Axel

1985 Celica Supra MK II: The Best-Built Camaro

1985 Corolla GT-S: The Legendary AE86

1986 Camry: Toyota Builds A Better Citation, Forever

1986 Cressida: The Proto Lexus

1986 MR2   Tom Klockau

1986 Toyota Turbo Pickup: Get Tough, Get Turbo   Ben Dinger

1986 Cressida (COAL)   Jim Klein

1986 – 1992 Supra   Paul N

1987 Corolla FX16: When Corollas Still Induced Lust, Not Sleep

1987 Supra: Somebody Still Wants You

1988 Toyota Camry   Jason Shafer

1988 Celica GT – Oh What A Feeling!  Brendan Saur

1988 Corolla FX: Not Even Broken In Yet   Jim Grey

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser: Keeping The Faith   Perry Shoar

1988 Toyota Van LE – A Long Way From Eugene, Oregon  Joseph Dennis

1988 – 1991 Camry All-Trac   William Stopford

1989 Toyota Mr2 SC – That’s Mr Two To You   Ed Stembridge

1989 – 1997 Toyota Lexcen: The UnToyota   William Stopford

1990 Camry V6 (Driving Review)   Paul N

1990 Previa/Tarago: The First And Final Frontier For The Space Pod   William Stopford

1991 MR2: A Camry In Italian Drag

1991 Tercel DX: Sub-Corolla Syndrome (Capsule)   Brendan Saur

1991-1999 Toyota Corolla E100: Saito’s Mini-Lexus   Gerardo Solis

1991 & 2006 Toyota Camrys – My, How You’ve Grown  Joseph Dennis

1992-96 Camry: The Greatest Camry Of All Time?

1992 Corolla: The Almost Free, Almost Perfect Beater

1992 Toyota Sera: Wings Don’t Make It Fly

1992 – 1998 Corolla Ceres/Sprinter Marino: The Sexiest Corolla   Brendan Saur

1994 Previa All-Trac (COAL)   Mike Lakusiak

1995 Tercel: Last Of The Mohicans   Perry Shoar

1997 Toyota Paseo Convertible – Quiero dar un paseo, pero no quiero comprar este coche.   Aaron65

1998 RAV4 Two-Door: The First Modern CUV, And Electric One Too

1994 Paseo: Gone, But Not Forgotten (My CC)

1995 – Current Crown Comfort – Living Fossil   Robert Kim

1996-1999 Toyota Starlet : It’s a Car!!   Gerardo Solis

1997 Celica GT – The Beginning Of The End   Brendan Saur

2001 Prius: Toyota’s Big Hybrid Gamble Pays Off   Paul N

2002 Echo: The Yaris Gets Hit With The Ugly Stick  (Capsule)

2003 Matrix XRS (COAL)   Jim Grey

2004 Camry: I’ve Got A Symbol In My Driveway

2004 Highlander   Brendan Saur

2007 FJ Cruiser: Colonel Mustard  Brendan Saur

2013 Century: The Ultimate Brougham Time Machine

2016 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD (COAL)   Jim Klein

Toyota Trucks

1965 FJ Land Cruiser: The First Toyota Sent Out To Conquer The World   Paul N

1970 FJ55 Landcruiser: You Haven’t Aged One Bit!(Capsule)

1970 HiLux pickup (gen1)  PN

1968 – 1972 Hilux Pickup (gen1)   D. Skinner

1976 Toyota Cortez Pickup Extended Cab (Capsule)

Toyota Lo-Lux Pickup – The Minimalist Edition   Paul N

1982 Truck: When Compact Pickups Roamed The Land

1982 Diesel Pickup

1993 T-100   Paul N

1997 Land Cruiser   Brendan Saur


Photoing On Car: Vintage Chinese Toy Tin Car (with video)