Curbside Classic Defined

I’d rather be writing a Curbside Classic than about Curbside Classic, but once again, we’ve had several comments complaining about a car written up that was too “new” to be a Curbside Classic. Sorry, but there’s no such thing. Curbside Classic is a big tent; yes our signature product are write-ups on older cars, but that’s absolutely not the only thing that interests us, or what we write about (“Every Car Has A Story”). In case you’re relatively new here, allow me to give you a picture of our breadth and depth.

We’ve had popular posts discussing new cars, like the 2012 Beetle and the Fiat 500, because of their retro design or new technology. We do trains, planes, buses, engines, trucks, fire engines, tractors, motorcycles, and almost anything that moves. We’ve had series on maintenance, buying used cars, and technology. And we write about the cars that we’ve owned, and the experiences we’ve had in them, including road trips, nostalgia, youthful experiences, as well today’s. And we’ve had several autobiographical series, which cover everything from old to new.

Here’s from the CC Welcome: The Auto-Biography gets a complete makeover, expanded and fully illustrated, as well as auto-biographical series from other writers. And lots of other content too, from editorials to short-form blog pieces including CC Outtakes and anything and everything that grabs our interest and imagination from the wide world of cars. (emphasis added). And more than just cars, obviously.

We’ve also covered automotive-related art, popular culture, tv, movies, books, racing, histories of all sorts…I’m sure I’m forgetting a whole lot more. The point is, if it interests us, and is in some loosely related to our interest in the broad spectrum of automotive and transportation, it’s fodder for our fingers.

There are just a few things which we have decided to not do: the typical new-car reviews, as well as the daily news. And since we’re an eclectic bunch, but share a common interest in these things, we’re polite and stay away from the three taboo subjects: religion, politics and sex. On second thought, let’s narrow that down to two taboo subjects.

One more thing: everyone who writes for CC is doing it as a labor of love, in the hopes that you might be informed, entertained or stimulated about a subject that interests you. This is not a one-man band anymore; we have developed a cadre of writers (and editors) with a wide range of interests, experiences and in a range of voices.

Our volunteer writers make themselves vulnerable by putting out their work for your comments. That’s not to say in anyway that we don’t welcome honest feedback and critique in your comments, about the actual subject content. Bring it on! But please, not about the choice of subject, or negative comments about the writer. If you don’t like a post, or its subject matter, skip it. Or write me personally. It’s not fair to question writers on their choice of subject matter. If it’s up on our pages, it’s because I think it adds to the wide range of content we offer.

I decided quite a while back that CC wasn’t going to be just my blog. That creates challenges in maintaining quality as well as opportunities in unleashing new talent. I wasn’t a “trained writer” either; I sent a piece to TTAC one day, and it was accepted. And we’ve cultivated some really outstanding talent here, who I would put up against many (or any) “professional” automotive writers.

The web has light and shadow sides. It offers an incredible opportunity for personal expression. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t hardly pay, unless one gets big enough, or writes for one of the really big blogs. Not being able to pay our top writers possibly pains me more than them. But it would be nice if readers remembered that we’re all doing this in our precious “spare” time, and it does take a lot of time and effort to keep this show going. Too much, actually; there’s days when I….

I didn’t mean to make a tome of this, but it needs to be said, from time to time. A big Thank You, to all the Editors, Writers and Contributors that make it possible, and for all I’ve learned from you and your lives.  And on a very wide range of subjects, at that.