CC Capsule: 1972 BMW 2002 Tii – Simplii Extraordinarii

Can you believe we haven’t had a single BMW 2002 on CC all year? Unmöglich! Quick, here’s 1990cc’s worth of pure Bavarian sweetness, by way of one of Tokyo’s biggest BMW showrooms. Don’t you love it when you can get the stuff uncut and straight from the best dealer in town?

This car’s been done to death on CC. This is at least the 12th post on the BMW 2002 and the 5th on the Tii. I’m not sure what grain of salt (or, in this case, drop of soy sauce) I could add to make a difference. Legendary model blah blah blah, Kugelfischer fuel injection something something, a Hofmeisterpiece of modern design yakety yak. We’ve read it before, written it before and know it all by heart.

If this one has one distinguishing feature, aside from its pristine condition (well, it is in a BMW showroom, after all), it’s the ivory paintwork. Not necessarily the most common colour on these. I’m not a fan of white cars in general, but this works. Just goes to show how great this body shape is, really.

The unmolested and scrupulously clean interior is also noteworthy. I’m usually a stickler for originality, but I find this aftermarket wheel is a genuine improvement over the standard one. Obviously, it’s on the wrong side for this country, so this is not a JDM model – I’m sure a few would have made it over here at the time, but probably only a few handfuls.

The one thing I absolutely adore about these is the taillight design. Simple, yet instantly recognizable. A lot of cars have round taillights, but nobody did it better than BMW. And just like the famous C-pillar kink, it was first seen on the 3200 CS. So I don’t know if Michelotti really helped design the -02 series, but some credit should go to Giugiaro.

I love this car – as many of you do too, I’m sure – though I’ve not experienced it first-hand. I did get a chance to see some up close. One of our neighbours in France had a plum-coloured 2002 Touring in the ‘90s, which he had bought new. It had once “saved his life,” apparently, so he had it re-built and kept it religiously garaged. Even then, they were rare cars – the tin worm had claimed many already. He was an older man and he passed away a couple years ago. I don’t know what became of the car, which I haven’t seen in about 15 years. Maybe it’s sitting in a BMW showroom in Osaka.


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