Curbside Classic: 1990 Volvo 240 GL Wagon – Going Meta-CC

This could have been a QOTD: what post (or posts) first got you hooked on CC? I confess I cannot recall the exact one, but among the very earliest ones I distinctly remember thinking “Wow, this site is next level!” was Ingvar’s article about the Volvo wagons’ rear doors. The awkward nature of those doors hadn’t struck me up to that point, but it’s one of those things that cannot be unseen once pointed out.

That epiphany, both about the Volvo doors and CC being a treasure trove of automotive information, took place back in 2014. Yes, it’s been ten years. And now that I live in a place where classic Volvo wagons – many of them in pristine condition – are literally everywhere, I feel it is only right to celebrate this anniversary with a scrumptious mustard yellow 240 GL.

Things were different back in 2014, weren’t they? Well, they certainly were for me. I was living in Myanmar at the time and missing seeing familiar European cars, such as older Peugeots, Citroëns, Fiats, BMWs and, you guessed it, Volvos. Not only did CC provide me with pictures of real cars in actual use, just like the ones I remembered, but the posts brought new information, historical anecdotes and personal experience to the mix. Hooked.

And there was the comment section. Back then, it was pretty wild and a majority of posts elicited several long (and sometimes acrimonious) tirades and discussion chains, as well as corrections, humorous additions and yet more personal experience. But it was all the more reason to get hooked: not only did the posts themselves contain a bunch of amazing stuff, but the CCommunity was active and reactive. It’s less common these days, sadly. But every now and then, the CC of yore comes back for more.

I’m just as guilty (if not more) as anybody as regards comments. My own contributions in this field have markedly dwindled over the years, so I’m not pointing fingers here. But the fact is that when I discovered CC, it was so great that it compelled me to do something I almost never do: sign up and join – as a commenter. This eventually led to me contributing a few posts, but getting yours truly out of the lurkzone was the hard part.

So what about this Volvo, which I’ve not yet even touched upon in over 500 words? Unlike the great majority of older foreign cars, the 240 series were sold new in RHD only. This one is about as clean as they get, though the colour of the seats leads me to suspect its glorious yellow hue is a later addition, just like a number of other features.

The central stop light makes this a post 1989 car for sure, though. With models like this, whose production run lasted for many years (i.e. 1974-1993, if we’re not counting the nearly identical 145 that preceded it), the potential to dress up a later car as an earlier one is extensive. I see it on Minis and Beetles here all the time. Works better on this Volvo, in my opinion.

But opinions are like… well, you know. Everybody’s got one. The beauty of the CCommunity is that, with a few (fortunately rare) exceptions, disagreements tend to remain civil and good-natured. Given how dreadful many corners of the web can be, CC’s continued existence provides a vital outlet for those of us who don’t fancy being Internet warriors every time we go online. Why can’t we all pretend to get along?

The other thing about this retro-ified 240 wagon is the bright trim on those famous doors, which highlights the famous rear window problem quite starkly. Made me think of that CC post immediately when I saw this Volvo a couple of years ago. Many, many more 240 wagons and saloons have crossed my path since, some will have their day on CC. This one was special, though, as it prompted something beyond the CC Effect: it reminded me of the site itself, and how its contributors and commenters have shaped how I’ve experienced the past decade. Here’s to the next ten years, friends!


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