CC Outtake: I Stop For All Vegas (And My Full Vega Bibliography)

CC 299 028 (2) 1200

Well, who wouldn’t? On our way back home from our three days of seclusion in the Coast Range, I spotted this Bit-O-Honey ’73 coupe on the main drag in Mapleton. Is it still running? With the original 2300 engine? If so, it would be a contender for our Great Vega Hunt.

CC 299 026 (2) 1200

A quick look inside suggests that it’s clearly not running, unless it’s an autonomous Vega (“AV”). Isn’t that a scary thought?

CC 299 025 (2) 1200

Aw shucks, these were co cute! Too bad they were so flawed too. Talk about a personality disorder.

I’ve written probably close to a dozen Vega posts, so what more can I add? Except a touch of regret at not buying the running GT wagon that was in my first Vega post.

Here’s my full Vega bibliography. Happy reading!

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Oops; I’ve only done ten Vega posts. More than enough.