Automotive History Central

A wide range of subjects that are non-brand/company specific and/or are not archived in the other Archive Portals


Domestic Industry Histories:

The First Wave Of Domestic Compacts: The Pioneers Take The Arrows   Jeff Nelson

That “Special Time”: The US Auto Industry During The Korean War     Jeff Nelson

Celebrating V-J Day: When Cars Came Home From The War     Jeff Nelson

The Longest Left Turn in History  Jason Shafer

“Unsafe At Any Speed” Turns Fifty: The Most Influential Book On The Auto Industry Ever  Paul N.


International Industry Histories:

The Dolmus: The Forgotten American Classics of Turkey  R. Kim

The Wild Cars And Planes From Peronist Argentina



Jack Brabham: You Make Your Own Luck   D. Andreina

Ian Fleming: The Man Who Loved Thunderbirds  D. Andreina

Indianapolis 500 Pace Cars   by Jim Cavenaugh

Part 1 (1946-1949)

Part 2 (1950-1954)

Part 3 (1955-1959)

Part 4 (1960-1964)

Part 5 (1965-1969)

Part 6 (1970-1974)


Obscure Rebadges From Around The World

Part 1: Mitsubishi Dignity; Lonsdale; Sao Penza; Lancia Pangea; Nissan Ute

Part 2: Mazda Roadpacer; Alfa Romeo Arna; Isuzu Statesman de Ville; Honda Crossroad; Ssangyong Kallista

Part 3: Alpheon; Bitter Vero; Seat Exeo; Fiat Freemont


Popular Culture And The Car

American Classics of Sweden  Robert Kim

The History Of The Swedish A-Traktor: Regional Car Culture Explained  Ingvar

The Pinto’s Brief Life As An Airplane  PN

The Cars Of A King: Elvis Presley And His Hobby  Jana Lingo

Oldsmobile Rocket 88: The Car That Changed Music  Jana Lingo

The Cars of President Harry S Truman  Jason Shafer

Green Tortoise: “Nothing Like Your Last Bus Ride”   Paul N


CC Cinema (cars in movies)

The Cars of Buford Pusser and the Movie ‘Walking Tall’  J. Shafer

It’s a Mad, Mad, mad, Mad World   T. Klockau

Smokey and the Bandit   J. Shafer

Driving Miss Daisy   T. Klockau

Mrs. James Bond’s 1969 Cougar  Robert Kim

Cars of the Karate Kid   Robert Kim

‘Two Lane Blacktop’: A Road Trip Back in Time  AmazonRay

At Close Range   Chris O’Bryant

Le Cercle Rouge  Aaron65

The Fast and the Furious   K. Martin

Black Lightning   Robert Kim

YT-1300 Millennium Falcon   D. Andreina

The Great Outdoors   G. Solis

CC TV  (cars in tv shows)

The Brady Bunch   Perry Shoar

Cars of The Beverly Hillbillies  Jason Shafer

Rockford Files Revisted  K. Martin

Mary Tyler Moore Show   T. Klockau

Cars of Archer  Robert Kim

Fifty Years of TV Cop Cars   Jeff Nelson

Our Favorite PI Cars   Jeff nelson

TV Commercials

The Chrysler Commercials of Ricardo Montalban  Robert Kim

The Best TV Commercials   The Worst TV Commercials   J. Nelson


Cars in History

No Magic Carpet Rides — The Curbside Classics of Baghdad  Robert Kim

Historic Vehicles of Saigon  Robert Kim

American Cars in Pre-Communist China — The East is Red White & Blue  Robert Kim



A Tribute to Artist Art Fitxpatrick (and Van Kaufman)   PN

Auto-Typography Part 1    Part 2   J. Grey

Classic Cars on film in B&W   J. Grey

Classics from the 2014 CC Meet-Up in Auburn in B&W    In Color   J. Grey

Los Angeles 1950s-1960s

Victory Is Sweet: Vintage Drag Racing Pictures From Santa Maria (1958-1962)

1968 and ‘69 Chicago Auto Show, Part 2  Kevin Martin

Imagining the Stories Behind Old Photographs of Cars That Weren’t That Old Yet   Jim Grey

Brochure Classics: The Ladies of Broughamville  Tom Klockau

Legendary Automotive Artist Art Fitzpatrick Dead At 96   PN

NYC Car Photos by Langdon Clay

Vintage Snapshots of NYC 1970s

Vintage Color Snapshots from the 1950s

Miniature Street Scenes by Ken Rouet      More Miniature Street Scenes by Ken Rouet


Automobile Dealerships:

Springfield Buick: The Little Dealership That Time Forgot   Paul N

Dealerships With Dad: The 1985 Chrysler LeBaron GTS  Aaron65

Street Scenes

Midwest Street Scenes (1980s-1990s) Part 1   Part 2  Part 3   Part 4  Part 5   Part 6    T. Klockau

Innsbruck’s Maria Theresien Strasse 1840-2015: From Pedestrians to Cars to Pedestrians   PN

The Curbside Classics of Innsbruck 1950s-1960s   PN

The Built Environment: Highways, Roads, Bridges, Etc.

The Automobile and the American Highway   J. Grey

The American Road Bridge  Part 1   Part 2   Jim Grey


Concours/Junkyards/Parking Lots/Sales Lots

 The CC GraveYard Tour: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five  PN

 Opal Creek Mining Camp Survivors   PN

 CC Concours: Ten Terrific Station Wagons Around Town

 Paul’s Official CC Sales Lot – Today’s Special: 1974 Vega for $1495 (It Runs!)  PN

The Snow Holiday Walk and Talk  PN

My Cornucopia Lunch-Time Walk and Talk   PN

Other History

One Town’s Automotive Coming Of Age  Jason Shafer

Dodge Powerwagon: True Tales of Adventure   R. Kim