Curbside Classic Central: European Brands

Alfa Romeo

1975 Alfetta GTV Coupe: A La Moda Italiano

1975 Alfetta Sedan: Broken Promise

1986 Spider Veloce: A Work In Progress, For Four Decades

1992 Alfa 164 Sedan: She Has A Great Personality (Capsule)

1993 Alfa 164: Alfa’s American Farewell Present

1996 Spider: Forbidden Italian Fruit


Alpine A 106 – How We Found One Of The Rarest French Cars Ever

Armstrong Siddeley

1958-1960 Star Sapphire   Aaron65

Aston Martin

1934 Aston Martin Ulster   David Saunders


1973 Audi 100LS – Keep It Beautiful  Perry Shoar

Audi Fox/80 (B1) – The Foxy Mother Of The Modern VW/Audi Era

1980 4000  (COAL)  Jim Klein

1983 – 1991 5000/100 (C3): A Picturebook Story Of The Very Model Of A Modern Car

1990 100  Tom Klockau

1984 GT Coupe (COAL)  Jim Klein

1991 200 Avant – Doing It Right   Perry Shoar


Bitter SC – Hard Feelings All Around   Perry Shoar

British Motors/BMC/BLM/Austin/Morris/Triumph/Sterling/Etc.

Austin A125 Sheerline Saloon – Neglected British Luxury

1939 Austin 16: The Tough Austin  KiwiBryce

1948 1800 Roadster: World’s Smallest Dual-Cowl Phaeton? (Cohort Classic)

1949 Triumph Mayflower: Your Thanksgiving Turkey

1951 Austin Devon: The Best-Selling Import Of Its Time

1955 Morris Minor – Britain’s Favorite Car, Bar None, And Rightly So  Roger Carr

Standard Vanguard Vignale   David Saunders

1959 Triumph TR3A: My Favorite 50’s Sportscar

1962 Austin A110 Westminster: Junior Jaguar Or English Fintail?

1962 Triumph Herald: A Tempest In A Teapot

Austin Mini Moke  Robert Kim

Vanden Plas Princess 4-Litre R – International Brougham?  Perry Shoar

1966 Triumph Herald    Roger Carr

1967 Triumph TR4A IRS    Paul N

1968 Austin 1800 (ADO17  “Landcrab”)   Roger Carr

Austin FX4 London Taxi    Paul N

1970 Rover 3500S V8 (P6) – “Sell It Now? I’d Rather Cremate It And Have It Interred With Me”  Paul N

1971 Mini: Yesterday’s mini; Today’s micro

1968 – 1972 Austin America: Yankee Doodle Disaster

1972 Austin Maxi 1500    Roger Carr

1972 MG Midget MKII: Small Pleasures   Paul Niedermeyer

1974 Toledo: They Did WHAT To The 1300?

1974 Triumph TR 6: (Capsule)

1975 Stag: A Handsome Failure

1976 MG Midget   Roger Carr

1976 Triumph TR7: America Gets A Wedgie


1964 1800 Neue Klasse: The Car That Saved And Made BMW

1970 3.0 CSi: The Neue Klasse’s Valedictorian (Capsule)

1974 3.0 CS  (Capsule)   Jim Grey

1975 530i  (E12) My First Car, Age 15    R Swartz

1976 2002: The Ultimate Big-Bumpered Driving Machine

1983 757: And That’s Not A Typo (E23)

1985 318i: Teutonic Respite At The Tail End Of The Great Brougham Epoch

1985 635 CSi: Love or Lust     Paul N

1986 528e: The Low Rev Modest Driving Machine

1986 BMW 528i (Euro-version) My Curbside Classic – The Ecstasy Of Beige, Part 1

1992 535i (E34)   Brendan Saur

1994 BMW 325i (E36) – Have We Moved On?  Perry Shoar

850i And 840Ci: Nineties Icon Or Technological Overkill?


H-Van: The French Tin Goose   Paul N

1969 2CV: The Most Original Car Ever Paul N

2CV Hoffman Cabriolet: The Ultimate Chick Magnet?  Paul N

Citroen ID – The Goddess Storms The Bastille of Convention   Roger Carr

1972 Citroen SM – Gran Touring, Franco-Italian Style  Tom Klockau

Citroen CX Pallas D – Modernism’s Last Stand   Perry Shoar

Citroen GS – One For the Anoraks (Cohort Capsule)  Perry Shoar

1990 BX 19 CGD: Some Peugeot Bones Well Hidden In A Citroen Suit (Capsule)


1946 Cisitalia 202 GT : The First Modern Fastback


1961 SP 250: The Queen’s Sports Car

1962 SP 250   Roger Carr

DS 420 Limousine   Robert Kim

DKW/Auto Union

DKW Schnellaster: The Mother OF All Modern Minivans?

1958 DKW Sonderklasse 3=6 (F94): The Proto-Audi

1962 Junior DeLuxe   GGH06



Testarossa: The Thrill Is Gone, For Now

1985 Mondial QV   Dave Skinner


1959 Fiat 600 Multipla: The Original Mini-Van?

1964 Fiat 1500 Spider/Cabriolet: The Ferrari 250 GT Wanna-Be

Fiat 850 Spider – Reminder of a Happier Day (Cohort Sighting)  Perry Shoar

1970 Fiat Dino Coupe: A Delectable Fastback

1969 Fiat Abarth 1000: The Little Mouse That Roars

1974 Fiat 124 Sport Spider: My Dad’s Last Toy

1980 Brava (131)  David Saunders

Ford (Germany & UK)

1949 Ford V8 Pilot & 1961 Ford Consul (CC Capsule) Roger Carr

1955 Zephyr Mark 1: Ford Builds The Chevrolet Cadet (Storage Field Classic)

1956 Ford Squire: For The Man With A Load On His Mind

1964-1967 Taunus    Robert Kim

1971- 1978 Capri: Ponycar Reborn

1975 Cortina 1600XL: The Swiss Army Knife Car  Roger Carr

1988 Merkur (Ford) Scorpio: Nice Landing, Wrong Airport


GAZ-21    Stanislav Alexeyev

GAZ-24 Volga   Robert Kim

GAZ-13 Chaika   Paul N


DeTomaso Turbo: An Exotic Baby Turchia


1959-1961 Mark IX   GGHo6

Jaguar XK-E Series II Coupe   Dave Skinner

Jaguar Mark X – Curvaceous Coventrian Causes Confusion   Perry Shoar

1973 XJ 12: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

1974 Jaguar XJ12L – The White Whale   Tom Klockau

1975 XJ-6 C (Coupe)   Paul N

1979 XJ6 Series III: Pininfarina Redux

1995 XJS Convertible: T-Bird Substitute (My CC)


Jensen Interceptor: The Anglo-Italo-American Mashup

Jensen Healey: Care To Take It For A Really Long Test Drive?


Lada Niva: From Russia With Lada Love

Niva Pickup Truck

1988 Samara   David Saunders


5 Liter: May the Force Be With You


1971 Espada S2   Jim Cavanaugh


Fulvia Coupe (Capsule)  Roger Carr


Automotive History: Sorry, No Full Liters


1977 Esprit S1: Colin Chapman Takes Up Oregami


1984 Biturbo Si: Sexy, Immobile

1986 Biturbo Spyder: Do You Feel Lucky?


1963 230SL: Big Shoes To Fill

1966 250SE Cabriolet (W111): The Classiest Mercedes Of Them All?

1966 250s (W108): Cadillac Und Lincoln Kaput

Mercedes 300SEL (W109) – Trying To Make Sense Of The Magic Number “300″  Don Andreina

1970 220D: Ride In Teutonic Luxury (With 65HP)

1973 450 SE (W116)   Jason Shafer

1977 450 SEL 6.9: Deutsches Heavy Metal

1985 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel: More Than A Fashion Statement  Perry Shoar

1983-1993 Mercedes 190 (W201)   Perry Shoar

Mercedes E-Class (W124): The Best Car Of The Past Thirty Years   Paul N

Mercedes C-Class (W202): What Are You Good For?  Perry Shoar

1996 S600 Coupe V12 (My CC)  Steve E.

1998-2005 M-Class (W163)   Brendan Saur

Mercedes Trucks

1959-95 Mercedes L-Series Trucks   Robert Kim

L319D Camper Van: The Globe Trotter (Capsule)   Paul N

207D (T1) And Other Vintage Mercedes Vans  Paul N


FMR Messerschmitt Kabinenroller  Paul N


1950 MG TD: I Was Retro Before Retro Was Cool

1958 MGA: The Almost Great Leap Forward

1967 MGB: To B Or Not To B

1968 MGC GT: Woulda’ Shoulda’ Coulda’ Had The Rover V8

1972 MGB GT: Early Adopter

1972 Midget MkIII: Small Pleasures

1993 R V8: The Ultimate Classic MG


Moskvitch 2142 Prince Vladmir   Paul N


1966 – 1973 Opel Kadett B – It Dethroned the Volkswagen

1968 GT: Jutta’s Daily Driver

1968 Kadett Rallye 1900: The European GTO Which Up-Ended The Old World Order

1969 Kadett: Buick Dealers Really Sold These?

1975 1900: What The Vega Could Have Been

1975 Manta (With 3.1 L V6)   Paul N

1978 Kadett (C) City Berlina: The German Chevette   David Saunders

1978 Rekord 2.0S (E1)  And Rekord History    Paul N


Panhard: Back To The Future (Illustrated History)

Panhard Dyna Junior Roadster: How Did You End Up Here Like This?

Panhard Dyna Z: The Lowest Priced Six Passenger Car In France! (Cohort Sighting)  Perry Shoar


1948 202: The Baby Chrysler Airflow   Paul N

1951 203 Former Race Car: World’s Fastest 203?  Dawid Botha

1969 Peugeot 404: The CC Holy Grail Is Found!

1988 405 S: Rare Then, Rarer Now

1989 505 Wagon: The Last Of The World’s Greatest Wagons

The World’s Greatest Wagons: Peugeot 203, 403, 404, 504, 505 – An Illustrated History

205: The Most Significant Car of the 80s?   Roger Carr

1994  205: Unexpected Greatness

406 Coupe: Last of an Elegant Line  Roger Carr


2002 Piaggio Ape Three Wheeler


1965 Porsche 356SC   Aaron65

1969 912   Dave Skinner

The 911: Immortality Attained?

Porsche 928: The Future Of Porsche, Twenty-Five Years Too Soon  Paul N

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo: VW’s Loss Is Porsche’s Gain  Tom Klockau

911 SC (with Honda CRX): Doubly Graced

1991 Porsche Carrera 4: Messing With Perfection  Perry Shoar


Estafette Van (“Hi-Boy”)    Paul N

R4   David Saunders

1966 Caravelle    Jim Grey

R17 Coupe: Hidden Treasure

R10 Sedan: When Being A Better Volkswagen Isn’t Good Enough

1973 R16:     Roger Carr

1979 Renault 5GTL: Style Pioneer  Roger Carr

1980 Renault Master: Does What It Says On The Tin    Roger Carr

Fuego   Paul N

1986 Renault Alliance: Patina Royale

1987 GTA: An Alliance Of A Different Stripe

1988 Medallion (R21) The Last One Running In The US? Paul N


Silver Cloud Series 1 (Capsule)

1982 Corniche Convertible: The Creme de la Creme

Rootes: Sunbeam/Hillman/Singer

1966 Hillman Super Minx – Rooting For Rootes

Sunbeam (Hillman) Imp: The British Corvair

1964 Singer Gazelle:”Motoring’s Most Elegant Experience”

1964 Rapier Series IV: A Saucier Minx

1968 Sunbeam Alpine GT Coupe: The British Barracuda

Sunbeam Tiger: The Other Cobra    Paul N

1970 Sunbeam Arrow: With Stereotype Defying 325,000 Miles

1975 Humber Sceptre Estate   R Carr

Rover/Range Rover/Land Rover

1969 2000TC: The Very Advanced (But Mostly Forgotten) Rover 2000TC   David Saunders

1971 Land Rover Series III SWB: Need To Go Anywhere? No Problem!

1985 Rover 3500 (SD1)     Roger Carr

1993 Range Rover Classic Vogue: Before The Gold Rush


Saab: The Eulogy   Paul N

1966 Saab Sonett II V4: A Noisy Little Footnote To Automotive History  Paul Niedermeyer

1968 Saab 96: Healing The Emotions, If Not The Company

1970 95 Wagon: Saab Shows Ford How To Make The Shortest Three-Row Wagon

1970 Saab 95 Wagon (Outtake)

1970 96 V4 Sedan  Robert Kim

1971 99   Roger Carr

1973 95 Wagon   Tom Klockau

1992 900 (Capsule)  Jim Grey

1997 9000 CS Aero: The Square Saab  Brendan Saur

2011 9-4X  (Capsule)  Brendan Saur


1956 Aronde (90A): French Training Wheels

Simca 1000  The Franco-Italian Baby Corvair   Paul N

1966 Simca 1301: The Conventional But Good Looking Simca   Roger Carr

1971 Simca 1204: 1971 Small Car Comparison No. 2


1972 Pinzgauer   GGH06


Tagora: Never A Chrysler, Nearly a Peugeot   Roger Carr


603: This Could Have Been The First Post-War Cadillac

613   Jason Shafer


1957-61 Victor F-Series: The British ’57 Chevy (Storage Field Classic)

Victor 101 Super (FC)   David Saunders

1961-72 Vauxhall Victor – Luton Salutes The Victor   Roger Carr

1966 Envoy (Vauxhall) Epic  David Saunders

1978 Cavalier Sports hatch   Roger Carr


Volga GAZ-21 – Coming Out Of Hibernation

GAZ-24 Volga: The Near-Immortal GM B-Body Of Russia


Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen

1946 Volkswagen Type1: The Beetle Crawls Out Of The Rubble

1957 VW 1200: The Beetle Takes America by Sturm   Paul N

1961 Transporter    Paul N

1962 Beetle Canadian Standard: Another Canadian Market Oddball

1962 Type II Single Cab Pickup   Ed Stembridge

1965 Deluxe Microbus “Samba”: Tinnibus

1966 VW 1300: The Best Beetle Of Them All

1968 VW Automatic Stick Shift   Jeremiah Birnbaum

1968 Baja Bug   Dave Skinner

1969 VW Type 3 Fastback – In Good Company   Actually Mike

1970 Karmann Ghia: The Fairest Volkswagen Of Them All

1971 Super Beetle: 1971 Small Car Comparison No.5

1973 Formula V Beetle Special Edition  Ed Stembridge

1974 412: VW’s Deadly Sin #1

1974 Thing (Type 181): We Hardly Knew Ye

Brazilia (Capsule)   Robert Kim

1975 Rabbit/Golf Mk1   Paul N

1979 Scirocco: Irreplicable, Although VW Keeps Trying

Jetta Mk 1: Slap A Big Butt On The Back For Those Damn Amerikaner!

1980 Pickup (Caddy)   Dave Skinner

1982 Scirocco Mk 2: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Italian Designers

1985 Golf/Jetta Mk2 – Ready, Steady, Golf  Perry Shoar

1986 Cabriolet: What Women Want   Jim Cavanaugh

1986 GTI   (COAL)   Jim Klein

1987 Fox (Gol)   Jim Cavanaugh

1988 Vanagon Westfalia: Slow, Expensive, And Loved The World Over

Vanagon Syncro (T3): So Misunderstood    Paul N

1990 Passat Wagon (B3): Practicality Uber Alles

1990 LT 4×4 Westfalia: The Vanagon Synchro’s Gnarly Globe-Trotting Big Brother (And The Ultimate Niedermeyer-Mobile?)

1993 Eurovan (T4)   Tom Klockau

1995 Getta GL Mk3    Jim Klein

1996 GTI: How Did They Get Rid Of The Fahrvergnugen?  Jim Klein

2002 Passat W8   Paul N

2003 Golf: What Makes You Think You’re Something Special When You Smile? (My CC)


PV52 – Solid And Dependable With A Touch Of Glamour

Volvo Duett – The Most Versatile And Practical Volvo Ever

122S  The Cult of the Amazon   Paul N

1964 Volvo P1800S – Transcending Time, Distance And Fashion

Volvo PV444 and PV544 – I Roll, Starting Here

1968 122S: Forty Years With an Amazon   AmazonRay

1970 P1800 E    Jim Cavanaugh

1972 Volvo 142E – Another Brick In Eugene

1972 144E: Volvo’s Blueprint For The Next Thirty Years

1973  1800ES: Gone But Not Forgotten (My CC)

1975 164E: The Anglo-Scandanavian

1978 245DL: The Quintessential Volvo

1980 Bertone Coupe: Lost In Translation

1982 244DL: Best Value Box

1984 240GL: Sensible Luxury

Volvo 740 GLE Turbodiesel (Capsule)   Robert Kim

1989 740GL Wagon: Mom’s Jinx (My CC)

1990 740 Turbo  Jim Klein

1990 780: Rectilinear Luxury By Bertone

1993 Volvo 240 Sedan: Will The Last 240 Turn Out The Lights Please?

1993 Volvo 850 GLT: Divergent Evolution

2001 Volvo C70 Convertible: The Sexy Swede


1988-1991 Wartburg 353 1.3    Paul N


The Joke’s On U.S.