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Ford Motor Co. History

Ford’s Deja Vu Moment: How Donald Petersen Saved Ford In The Eighties    Paul N

Canadian Ford Branding History   David Saunders


1958 Corsair: Failure Is A Five-Letter Word  Brendan Saur

1959 Edsel “Eco-Boost”

1959 “Eco Boost” Follow-up   Paul N

1960 Ranger Four Door Sedan – One of 1228 Built   PN

1960 Edsel Villager — This Orphan Would Take a Village to Raise   Aaron65

Ford (North America)

1907 Ford Model K Roadster – Watch The Malcomsons Go By   Aaron65

1926 Model T Coupe: T Stands For Tall    PN

1928 Model A Speedster    Paul N

1929 Model A: The Best Ford Ever  Paul N

1929 Model A Roadster   Paul N

1936 DeLuxe: Imagine Yourself In This Car

1936 Ford DeLuxe Coupe: The Best Of the Classic Fords?   PN

1950 Hot Rod Ford: A True Love Story   PN

1953 Ford Customline: You’ll Never Guess What’s Under Its Hood   Paul N

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria: The End of the Road For the Flathead V8  Paul N

1956 Customline: A New And Safer Flavor In A Familiar Wrapper

1956 Fairlane: Beautiful, But Still The Bridesmaid

1956 Fairlane Fordor Victoria: More Doors For Miss Vicky  JPCavanaugh

1957 Ford Custom 300 : A Migration to Parts Unknown

1958 Fairlane 500: Movin’ On Up

1958 Thunderbird: The Most Revolutionary American Car Of The Fifties  Paul N

1959 Galaxie: On The Street Where You Live  Joseph Dennis

1960 Starliner: Haste Makes Waste

1960 Fairlane 2 Door Sedan    J. Shafer

1960 Thunderbird: The Squarebird That Flew Away (to Sweden) (Outtake)

1961 Falcon: How To Build A Winning Compact     Paul N

1961 Falcon: Simply Original And Just Right  J P Cavanaugh

1961 Starliner 390-375: Yes Pop, You Can Get A V8 Four-Speed 1961 Ford If You Really Must Have One (CC/Auto-Biography)     Paul N

1960-1965 Falcon: #1 In Classic Cars Among Hipsters   

1962 Fairlane: Sometimes It Is About The Destination (also Auto-Biography)    Paul N

1962 Galaxie 500 Town Victoria

1962 Galaxie 500 Sedan  D Skinner

1962.5 Falcon Futura Sports Sedan: Ford Sees The Future; At Chevrolet    Paul N

1963 Ford Fairlane Sport Coupe K-Code   Aaron65

1963 Falcon Club Wagon: A “Compact” Minivan

1963 Ford Galaxie Sedan – No 500, This…

1963 Ford Mustang II Concept–The Hamtramck Falcon?   Aaron65

1963 Thunderbird Landau: The American Dream Car      Paul N

1963 Ford and its Involvement in American Society   Jason Shafer

1963.5 Falcon Futura V8: The Economy Compacts Enter the V8 Era 

1964 Falcon Standard Sedan: Plain And Simple

1964 Galaxie 500 Convertible: Say Goodbye To Those Jet Tube Taillights

1964 Thunderbird Landau: Jazz Riffing

1965 Mustang Six: Freedom      Paul N

1965 Ford Thunderbird–Unique in All the World   Aaron65

1965 Thunderbird Landau: Fancy Feast

1965 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe: The Failane   Paul N

1965 LTD:  It Singlehandedly Launched The Great Brougham Epoch  PN

1965 Custom Two Door Sedan: The End Of The Stripper Tudor Era     Paul N

1965 Galaxie 500: A New Ford Fit For Goldilocks   J P Cavanaugh

1966 Galaxie 500 7 Litre: Maybe It Should Have Had 7 Gallons      Paul N

1965 Thunderbird Landau    Laurence Jones

1965 Thunderbird Landau: Halcyon Days  Joseph Dennis

1965 Mustang: Freedom; Starting At $2368  Paul N

1966 Galaxie 500: All-Points Bulletin (Fiction)     Paul N

1966 Ford Ranchero: Viva Tijuana! 

1966 Mustang Notchback: Parked In  Joseph Dennis

1967 LTD: The Forgotten Ford

1967 Galaxie 500 Hardtop Coupe (Capsule)

1967 Mustang Convertible: Forty-Four Years Of Wedded Bliss   J P Cavanaugh

1967 Mustang Notchback – Spicy Mustard  Joseph Dennis

1967 Thunderbird Landau Sedan: Are Four Doors Really Better Than Two?  Brendan Saur

1968 Galaxie 500: Always Ready To Roll

1968 LTD Coupe: Peak Ford Hates Turns To….    PN

1968 Ford GT40 P/1075   Aaron65

1968 Thunderbird: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

1968 Fairlane Coupe – The Unexpected Wallflower

1968 Ranch Wagon: Did Anybody Care?   Jason Shafer

1969 Mustang Mach 1: Sliding Down The Slippery Fastback Slope     Paul N

1969 Torino GT   GGH06

1969 LTD:  My Father’s Day Present    Jim Cavanaugh

1969 Falcon – Low Fidelity   Perry Shoar

1969 & 1988 Mustangs – Once Removed  Joseph Dennis

1970 Country Squire  PN

1970.5 Falcon: Needle, Meet Haystack

1970-1978 Maverick: The Simple(ton) Machine    Paul N

Car Show Smorgasbord of 1970 Mustangs   Aaron65

1970 1/2 Falcon: Mission Implausible

1971 Mustang Grande: Como Se Dice Brougham?

1971 Mustang Grande: Green, The Color Of Success  Joseph Dennis

1970 Thunderbird Sportsback: What Bunkie Took With Him On The Way Out The Door

1971 Thunderbird Four Door Landau: Yes, I Said Four Doors

1971 LTD Convertible   Jason Shafer

1971 Galaxie 500 Hardtop Sedan: Domino’s Delivers, Even If Ford Doesn’t     Paul N

1971-73 Mustang Grande: A Missed Opportunity?  William Stopford

1971 Pinto: 1971 Small Car Comparison #4     Paul N

1971-1972 Pinto 2.0 SOHC: The Fastest Pinto Ever   Dave Skinner

1972 Mustang Sprint and 1974 Chevrolet Impala “Spirit of America”–Bicentennial Fever   Aaron65

1972-79 Australian ‘Super’ Premium Fords: Parsing FoMoCo’s Alternate Universe Broughams  Don Andreina

1973 Australian Fairlane ZXGLQ-FU: That Thing Got A FEMI? (Curbside Fiction)    Paul N

1973 Ford Mustang Convertible – Motorized Malpractice, Or Just What The Doctor Ordered?  Perry Shoar

1973 Ford LTD: Bring On the Bloat!  J P  Cavanaugh

1973 Ford Gran Torino: Self Esteem Issues

1974 Thunderbird: A Mark By Any Other Name…

1974 Mustang Mach 1: The Soul Survivor

1974 Mustang II Notchback – Mustang II, Recognition Zero  Joseph Dennis

1975 Country Squire: The Car That Made Di-Noc Millions

1975 Gran Torino: Isolation Chamber

1975 Thunderbird: Cherries Are Optional   Jason Shafer

1975 LTD Coupe – The Hoop-Tee-Dee  Joseph Dennis

1976 Mustang II Cobra: Ford’s Deadly Sin No. 2

1976 Elite: A Highfalutin’ Hash  J P Cavanaugh

1977 Thunderbird Town Landau: Her Name Was Lola      Joseph Dennis

1977 LTD II Brougham: The Thunderbird’s Less Successful Brother

1977 Granada Ghia – LTD Lite   T. Klockau

1978 Fairmont: That Very Rare Honest American Car   Paul N

1978 Mustang II Cobra: The Winter Of My Discontent

1978 Granada: Granola For Breakfast  Joseph Dennis

1978 Mustang II King Cobra – The First 5.0 And A Screaming Cobra  Aaron65

1978 Pinto Wagon – Disappointment As Necessity   Perry Shoar

1978 Pinto V6: The One I Didn’t Buy   David Saunders

1978 LTD: The Last Of The Whoppers

1978 Fiesta: Here today, Gone Tomorrow      Paul N

1978 Ford F250 SuperCab – A Superior Cab Leads To Everlasting Supremacy

1979-1982 Mustang: A Clean Break   W. Stopford

1979 Mustang Indy 500 Pace Car Replica

1980 Fairmont Futura: Back To The Futura  J P Cavanaugh

1980 Pinto Wagon: The Pinto’s Long Colorful End      Paul N

1980 Thunderbird: The Fabulous FUBAR Edition

1981 Ford Fairmont Futura Wagon – Dystopian Family Hauler?   Perry Shoar

1981-1990 Escort: You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A Good Impression       Paul N

1983 Thunderbird Heritage: Some Heritage Is Best Left in the Past  Brendan Saur

1984-1994 Ford Tempo: A Car I Love To Hate  Perry Shoar

1985 Mustang SVO   Paul N

1985 EXP: Ford’s Ugly Little Sin    Paul N

1986 LTD Crown Victoria:  The Final Ford   J P Cavanaugh

1986 LTD Crown Victoria Wagon: Delightfully Di-Noc-less  Brendan Saur

1986 Thunderbird Elan: A Fox in a Bird’s Feathers

1986 Taurus (History): A Breakthrough Car E. Snitkoff

1986 Taurus/Sable: At This Moment, You Mean Everything   Ed Snitkoff

1986 Thunderbird   GGH06

1986 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe – 200 MPH Standing Still   Aaron65

1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe (Capsule)

1987-1988 Mustang LX: Our Dirty Little Secret  Dave Skinner

1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe: Ask And You Shall Receive

1989 LTD Crown Victoria: If It’s Good Enough For Ben Matlock

1990 Ford Escort LX – Still Going Places, But Not Really  Jason Shafer

1990 Ford Taurus: Redefining The Station Wagon Jim Grey

1990 Ford Thunderbird (And The MN-12 Platform)  Jason Shafer

1990 – ’93 Ford Festiva: Like A Fiesta!  Joseph Dennis

1991 Mustang GT: Dark Horse  Joseph Dennis

1992 Explorer: The Most Influential Ford Of The Past Thirty Years  Brendan Saur

1992 Ford F-150: My Road Trip With Grandpa Albert

1993 Taurus – From America’s Sweetheart To Hertz’s A-List Star   B. Saur

1994 Ford Escort: Success And Shame  Perry Shoar

1994 Mustang GT: The Car That Almost Wasn’t

1995 Aerostar: How Hard Can It Be To Make A Minivan?

1995 Club Wagon Chateau: Welcome To The Club   J P Cavanaugh

1995 Taurus SE: Are You Not Entertained?

1995 Windstar   Richard Bennett

1995-1997 Probe : It Didn’t Name Itself   J. Dennis

1996 Escort LX  Jason Shafer

1996 Taurus Analysis: Misguided Styling Creates The Biggest Fumble Of The Modern Era  E. Snitkoff

1996-99 Taurus/Sable: All Things Must Pass

1996-98 Taurus Ghia (Australia)  William Stopford

1996-99 Taurus Wagon: Making Over A Family Friend   William Stopford

1997 Ford Expedition – My Introduction To Excess  Brendan Saur

1998 Crown Victoria LX: Beginning Of The End

1999 Escort ZX2: Pride Comes From Within

2001 Crown Victoria (P-71): The Jewel Of The Crowns  Jason Shafer

2001 Explorer – A Farewell To The Nineties

2005 Escape: Fashionably Late To The Crossover Party

2005 Five Hundred – This Is Not A Taurus, Is It?  G. Solis

2006 Taurus: Nobody’s Hero

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Ford Edition – Part 1, Part 2    William S



1937 Lincoln Zephyr V-12  Robert Kim

1958 Continental Mark III: The Party’s Over  Carmine

1956 Continental Mark II: Caught In The Pincers Paul N

1960 Sedan: Trying To Out-Cadillac Cadillac

1960 Mark V   Tom Klockau

1965 Continental: The Last Great American Luxury Car

1968 Continental Coupe:  At Last

1968-1971 Mark III    Paul N

1970 Lincoln Continental Coupe: Hot Rod Lincoln

1972 Continental Mark IV: About Fathers, Sons, and Cars   J P Cavanaugh

1972 Lincoln Continental Coupe: Oh Baby, Your Broughaminess Is My Destiny  Tom Klockau

1975 Continental Mark IV: Former Cover Girl Now Living on the Wrong Side of the Tracks   Jim Grey

1975 Continental Mark IV: A Lincoln Mark IV Passes A Gas Station…For A Change  Joseph Dennis

1976 Continental Mark IV Givenchy Edition: Aqua Couture

1976 Continental Mark IV: Gas Fed Beef

1977 Versailles: Pig In A Poke

1977-1979 Mark V: A Formative Influence   Don Andreina

1978 Continental Mark V: Old School’s Last Graduate   J P Cavanaugh

1978 Continental Mark V Diamond Jubilee Edition  Brendan Saur

1978 Town Coupe: CAFE Is Coming

1979 Continental Collector’s Series   Tom Klockau

1979 Continental Mark V Collector’s Series: The Mayor of Brougham City?   Jana Lingo

1979 Continental Town Car: Sometimes, More Is More   Eric703

1982 Continental: Bustling-Back To Prominence (Capsule)  Brendan Saur

1982 Town Car   Jason Shafer

1983 Mark VI: Missing The Mark   J P Cavanaugh

1984-92 Continental Mark VII: The Forgotten Car

1986 Continental   Tom Klockau

1988 Town Car Signature Series: My Curbside Classic – A Tactful Rebuttal

1989 Town Car: Hurtling Into Twenty-Sixteen  Joseph Dennis

1989 Lincoln Town Car & 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham – Buses & Broughams  Joseph Dennis

1990-92 Mark VII LSC SE: Not Your Uncle Max’s Mark

1994 Town Car   Tom Klockau

1995-2002 Continental: In Pursuit Of The Pursuer   William Stopford

1995 Mark VIII    Tom Klockau

1997 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series And Friends: Landau Anyone?  Tom Klockau

2000 Continental: Time Doesn’t Change Everything  Brendan Saur

2003 LS V8 – (Momentarily) Reach Higher  Brendan Saur

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions & Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Lincoln-Mercury – Part 1, Part 2   William S


1940 Eight Convertible: Preparing For Active Duty, Again  J. Shafer

1942 “Woody” Station Wagon: An American Icon

1956 Medalist: The Big M   J P Cavanaugh

1957 Monterey: Does Anyone Who’s Running This Place?   Aaron65

1959 Monterey 2 Door Hardtop: Mercury Retrograde  L. Jones

1959 Monterey: A Little More Chrome, Please?

1960 Comet: Orphan Looking For A Home

1961 Meteor 800: The Beginning Of The End

1962 Mercury Comet   Aaron65

1962 Mercury Monterey Custom: No Respect   J P Cavanaugh

1962 and 1970 Mercury Convertibles–If the Owner Traded up Every Eight Years, What’s Next?   Aaron65

1963 Comet S-22 Convertible   Jason Shafer

1963 Meteor: Falling To Earth With A Resounding Thud

1963 Monterey Breezeway: The Cure For The Heatwave

1963 Marauder: Peppered With Plundering Promise

1964 Comet 202: To The Moon And Back

1964 Comet 404 – A Celestial Body At Dusk  Joseph Dennis

1964/65 Mercury Comet, the 100,000 Mile Durability Champion!   Aaron65

1966 Monterey: And The Indian Summer Of The Full-Sized Convertible

1966 Mercury Commuter Wagon (and Ford Country Sedan)

1966 Colony Park Wagon: The Finest This Side Of A Lincoln?   Brendan Saur

1967 Mercury Comet 202 Two-Door Sedan – Cheap Thrills  Dave Skinner

1967 Mercury Cougar Convertible (Customization): Cheshire Cat  Joseph Dennis

1968 Cougar: Mercury’s (Only?) Greatest Hit  PN

1968 Monterey: Show Me Your Mercury

1969 Montego: Another Mercury Moment

1969 Mercury Monterey Custom  Jason Shafer

1969 Cougar: Premium Ponycar

1969 Monterey Custom – Driving Review  J. Shafer

1970 Marauder X-100: Bootylicious

1970 Mercury Montego MX Brougham: Mixed Messages  Paul N

1971-1978 Capri: Ponycar Reborn

1971-1973 Cougar: The Brougham Pony Car (and Moms First Ride

1971 Mercury Montego  Jason Shafer

1971 Monterey: You Could Have Had A Marquis

1971 Comet    Jim Cavanaugh

1972 Comet GT: Rhymes With…

1973 Capri: Get Yours Today, At The Sign Of The Cat

1973 Monterey Custom: A Great Name’s Last Ride   J P Cavanaugh

1973 Marquis Brougham (Capsule)

1974 Mercury Comet – Can You See Those Bumpers From Space Yet?  Brendan Saur

A Blazing (Mercury) Comet  Robert Kim

1976 Marquis: John And Margie Come Visiting From Cut And Shoot

1977-79 Cougar XR-7: The First Thundercat  Robert Kim

1977-79 Cougar XR-7   William Stopford

1977 Monarch Ghia   Dave Skinner

1978 Bobcat: The Incredible 12 Second Quarter Mile 75 MPG Steam-Injected Bobcat

1980 Capri RS

1980 Cougar XR-7: The Very Common Dishonest Car

1980 Zephyr Z7   Paul N

1981 Cougar: The Only Two Door Sedan Cougar     Paul N

1984 Mercury Capri RS Turbo: Ford Had Turbo Motors To Spare!

1986 Grand Marquis Colony Park LS: The Staunch Traditionalist  Brendan Saur

1986 Sable Wagon: Station Wagon Envy #1

1988 Mercury Tracer: The Road To Hiroshima Runs Through Hermosillo  Perry Shoar

1988 Colony Park: Colonizing Mercury

1988 Cougar LS Bostonian Edition – What’s That You Say, Mrs. Robinson?  Brendan Saur

1988-94 Topaz & Ford Tempo: Sabotaging Yourself Is Easy   William Stopford

1989 Grand Marquis LS: Panthers Run In The Family   J P Cavanaugh

1990 Grand Marquis GS – An All-American Classic   Brendan Saur

1990 Sable LS Wagon – The Shape You Want To Be In (Capsule)  Brendan Saur

1991 Mercury Topaz LTS   Aaron65

1992 Sable GS – Successful By Any Measure  Brendan Saur

1992 Topaz Coupe V6 – Oxymoron or Moronic?

1992 Tracer LTS: Almost Forgotten Gem

1993-2002 Villager & Nissan Quest: Official Car of Washington Heights   William Stopford

1996 Mystique: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished  Perry Shoar

1996-99 Sable: A Messenger Carrying An Illegible Message  William Stopford

1997 Mountaineer – Exploring Higher Elevations  Brendan Saur

1999 Villager – It Takes A Town And Country, Not Just A Village  Brendan Saur

1997 Tracer LS – Vanishing Trace  Brendan Saur

2004-07 Monterey: Last Hurrah   William Stopford

2008-2009 Sable: New Doors Closed  Brendan Saur

Top 10 Obscure Special Editions & Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Lincoln-Mercury – Part 1, Part 2   William S


Merkur XR4TI: What’s In A Name?

1985-89 XR4TI: Too Close To The Sun   William Stopford

1988 Scorpio: Yes, I Finally Found One  Brendan Saur

1988 Scorpio: Nice Landing, Wrong Airport  Paul N.


Ford South America and Mexico

Ford Corcel: The Confusing History of a Multinational Brazilian Classic   Rubens

Maverick in Brazil: From Deception to Passion   Rubens

The Near-Immortal Ford Falcon in Argentina   Paul N

Maverick GT (Brazil)   R.Kim

Ford Fairlane Argentina With 292 Y-Block V8   PN

1980 Ford Laundau: The ’66 Ford’s Second Life in Brazil   PN