Curbside Classic Archive: Trucks, Pickups and Vans

North American Brands (alphabetical)


1957 Brockway 260 – The Big Nor’easter  JP Cavanaugh

Chevrolet Trucks

1941 COE: Streamlining Arrives Down On The Farm   Paul N

1946 Pickup: Oldest Working Daily Driver Truck?   PN

1949 Loadmaster Tow Truck: My Bias Is Showing, And Feel Free To Say So   Paul N

1951 3100 Pickup: America’s (And My) Favorite Pickup  Paul N

1951 3/4 ton Pickup with 9′ Bed

1959 Apache 32 Pickup (with 1953 Budger travel trailer)   Paul N

1965 C60 truck: Maybe Independent Suspension Wasn’t Such a Hot Idea After All   PN

1966 Suburban: Finding The “Sport” In SUV   Paul N

1969 C20 Custom Camper: A Novel Way To Do The U.S.A.

1970 Suburban: The Third Door On The Right   Paul N

1971 Chevy C10: Still Playing It Cool  Perry Shoar

1970 C30 Longhorn Custom Camper: Very Aptly Named Indeed   Paul N

1978 Scottsdale: Iris And Albert Go Fishing  Jason Shafer

1979 LUV 4×4 (Isuzu Faster): Tough Love   Paul N

1980 K-5 Blazer Silverado: The Charlton Heston of Trucks

1980 C30 Dana V-Drive 4×4 Van: A Rarity Indeed   M Freeman

1988 Starcraft Conversion Van: Why Solid Wood Cupholders Didn’t Catch On    Paul N

1990 SS 454: Overkill Is A Relative Term   Jason Shafer

1991 S-10 Blazer Four Door: You Can’t Blame A Guy For Trying

1993 Astro Van: How Hard Can It Be To Make A Minivan?  Jim Cavanaugh


 1985 Ice Cream Truck   Paul N

Diamond T Trucks

1953 Model 323: A Rare Diamond In The Rough

Dodge Trucks

WM300 Power Wagon: Immortality Attained

1952 B Series Panel Truck: Work In A Pilot House

1954 V8 Job-Rated Truck: That Thing Got A Hemi?

1965 D200 Crew Cab: A Big, Basic Bruiser Of A Truck With A Slant Six

1967 A-100 Van: What Are You Doing Here, Eugene   JP Cavanaugh

1967 D-200 Camper Special: We’re Number Three So We Try Harder, Dude!

1970 Dodge A108 Corey Cruiser High-Roof Camper Conversion   Paul N

1974 Club Cab Pickup: Another Dodge First, Not That It Helped All That Much

1975 Ramcharger: Dodge Charges Ahead of Ford For A Change

1975 Power Wagon: A (Sort Of) Civilized Outdoorsman

1978 Dodge TransVan   Paul N

1978 Dodge Diesel Pickup (Automotive History)  Paul N

1979 D100 Van: Is It The Real Thing?

1979 D150 Li’l Red Express   PN

1986 Ram: Not Exactly The Cobra In the Barn   Jim Klein

1987 Ram 250: The Best $400 I Ever Spent (Curbside Beater)

1989 Ramcharger LE: Mopar Joins The 4×4 Craze

1990 Dakota Li’l Red Express

1990 Ram Radio Flyer: The Big Red Wagon

Dodge Mowag B350 4×4 Van: A Swiss Rarity

Ford Trucks

1930 Model A Pickup: The Modern Pickup Is Born?

1941 Cabover: Got Shorty

1952 F-1: The Owner’s First Vehicle

1956 F350:  Still Hard At Work Six Days A Week    Paul N

1956 F-600: Every Neighborhood Should Have A CC Community Truck

1957-90 C-Series: Almost Immortal   Ian A Williams

1957 Ranchero: The First respectable Truck

1960 F-250 Styleside: The Tonka Truck Truck

1961 F-350: The Y-Chromosone Butch Brother

1961-1967 Econoline Van: The Leader of the Pack  Paul N

1962 F-100 Styleside: That Most Feminine Truck

1963 Econoline Pickup: Keep The Sand Bags Handy

1963-1965 N-Series Super Duty   Mike Burns

1964 F600 Dump Truck: Still Hard At Work

1965 F350 Flareside Pickup: Top Dog  Paul N

1965 F250 Ranger Short Bed: Too Good To Be True   Paul N

1966 F250 Custom Cab — Half A Century and Counting  Robert Kim

1968 Ford Pickup – A Truck You’d Be Proud To Own   Dave Skinner

1969 Bronco: The Mustang’s Bucking Side-Kick

1969 Econoline: Ford Builds A Better Box

1969 Ranchero: The Anti-Paternity Mobile

1970 Ford F-100  Jason Shafer

1973 F-350 Super Camper Special: Ford Goes Camping In A Superlative Way   Paul N

1976 Courier: The Second Toughest Old Mini-Pickup?

1977-1979 Ranchero: No Love For This One

1978 Bronco: Free Wheelin’

1978 F250 SuperCab: A Superior Cab Leads To Everlasting Supremacy   Paul N

1979 F250: At Its Age, Good To Be Anywhere  Jim Grey

1990 E350 Cabriolet Fifth Wheel Hauler   Jason Shafer

1992 F-150: My Road Trip With Grandpa Albert   Jason Shafer

1992 Ranger Extended Cab: It Was Meant To Be (My CC)

1993 Bronco XLT – Al Cowlings Called, He Wants His Truck Back  Brendan Saur

1995 Club Wagon Chateau: Welcome To The Club

GMC Trucks

1944 GMC CCKW 6×6: The Famous WW2 “Deuce and a Half” Jimmy   Paul N

1955 Series 100 Pickup: How To Tell It’s Not a 1956  PN

1956 Pickup: Don’t Judge A Pickup By Its Grille (CC Capsule)   PN

1963 Pickup: The Very Model Of A Modern V6 Truck Engine  Paul N

1964 3/4 ton 4×4 V6 Pickup   PN

1973 Terex Titan 33-19 – The World’s Biggest Truck  David Saunders

1987 Caballero: The Gentleman Of The Truck World   Eric703

1991 Syclone: GM Blazes A Trail And Abandons It  Perry Shoar

2007 Yukon Denali: The Modern Day Electra Park Avenue? (Driving Impressions)  Brendan Saur


1983 KubVan: Tiny, FWD, VW Diesel Powered, and Very Rare


1937 D3 Demi-Semi-Tractor: Loggers Need Them Some Entertainment Too

1947 Bus “Further”: Ken Kesey’s Merry Prankster-Mobile

1958 Metro – The Original And Greatest Step Van

International Harvester Metro — Ice Cream from a Curbside Classic  Robert Kim

1963 Scout 80 – The Advance (SUV) Scout   Paul N

1963-1969 CO Loadstar    PN

1964 Travelette: The Proto Double Cab Pickup   PN

1964 C900 – The Smallest American Pickup Until The Ranger And S-10 (Capsule)

1965 Travelall: The Suburban Of Its Day

1966 R 190 AWD Truck: My Current Lust Object

1968 Loadstar Bookmobile and Truck – Is There A Book On IH History On Board?

1976 Scout Terra: The Hometown Truck   JPC

1982 COF 5370 Jet Fueler  Ed Hodges

Jeep Trucks

1951 Willys Truck: The Antidote To Modern Life   Paul N

1965 Jeep Gladiator J2000: Holy Toledo!   JP Cavanaugh

1965 Jeep Gladiator J3000: The Truck of the Future   Paul N

1986-1992 Jeep Comanche: It Coulda Been A Contender   Jeff Nelson

1988 Jeep Comanche: The Case Of The Missing Extended Cab   Paul N


DM-Series 4×4: The Really Tough Mack    PN

R-Series Trucks: Rock Solid Since 1966    PN

1970 CF-608 Pumper Firetruck: Manning Up   JPC

Mercury (Canada)

(Canadian) Mercury Trucks: We Do Things A Bit Differently Up Here

Military Vehicles

1962 Studebaker M35 6×6 Truck   PN


Kurb Side Van: The official CC Van PN


1988 Peterbilt 320: Curbside Pickup Classic


1949 REO Speedwagon One-ton Pickup   PN

1952 F-22 Dump Truck  PN


2004 Sterling Condor – A Truck of a Different Stripe  Jason Shafer


1946 M16  J.Shafer

1957/1958 Transtar 1 Ton 9′ Bed Pickup    PN

1959 3/4 Ton Pickup: A Hoosier In King Twain’s Court

1960 Champ Pickup: Needs Some Fresh Horsepower  PN

1963 Zip Van: Studebaker Goes Postal   JPCavanaugh


European Brands

The Reason Why European Long Distance Trucks Are So Tall   Johannes Dutch

The Story of the Mighty Ford Transcontinental – Fords European Long-Distance Truck   Johannes Dutch

Bedford SB Mobile Cinema  R.Carr

Citroen H Van: The French Tin Goose   Paul N

Dennis F2 Water tender   Tatra87

Bedford CF Cab Chassis/Van   JohnH

1967 DAF AZ 1900 DS 420 6×6 Dump Truck  J. Dutch

The DAF Museum Part 1: the Trucks   Part 2: Military Vehicles   JD

Compact European Panel Vans: Their Evolution in the Past 25 Years   JD

Magirus-Deutz Eckhauber   JD

1972 Pinzgauer 710M: Urban Assault Vehicle   GGH06

1980 Renault Master: It Does What It Says On The Tin (Box)   Roger Carr

Steyr 380: Austria’s Favorite Truck   PN

British Steam Lorries   R. Carr

2007 Scania R500 Topline   Johannes Dutch


1959-95 Mercedes L Series  Robert Kim

1963 LAF 322  4×4 Motorhome Conversion  JD

L319D Camper Van: The Globe Trotter (Capsule)   Paul N

207D (T1) And Other Vintage Mercedes Vans  Paul N

1995-2004 MB100/MB140: Kim Chi Sauerkraut   William Stopford

Soviet and Eastern European Trucks

Avia 20F & Raf 2203 Vans: Still Hard At Work In Russia   Stanislav Alexeyev

MAZ-79092 — I’m A Rocket Maz  Robert Kim

GAZ-66  Robert Kim

Lada Niva  Robert Kim


Asian Brands

Isuzu Trucks

1988 Isuzu Pickup: No Soup For You!   Perry Shoar

1999 Isuzu Hombre: When Is An S-10 Not An S-10?   JP Cavanaugh

Mazda Trucks

1975 Mazda B1800   David Saunders

1975 Mazda Rotary Pickup: One Of A Kind   Paul N

Mitsubishi Trucks

1985 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Sport: Unpopular In The Heartland   Jim Grey

Nissan/Datsun Trucks

1977 Datsun King Cab Pickup (620): Yes We Have Long Legs In America

1991 Nissan Sunny B122 Pickup: Keep Those Flares, They’ll Come Back In Style   Tatra87

2017 Nissan Titan: The XD’s Little Brother Comes To Town   Jim Klein

Toyota Trucks

1960 Toyota ToyoAce PK20: Surviving 57 Years On Just One Litre   Tatra87

1965 FJ Land Cruiser: The First Toyota Sent Out To Conquer The World   Paul N

1970 FJ55 Landcruiser: You Haven’t Aged One Bit!(Capsule)

1970 HiLux pickup (gen1)  PN

1968 – 1972 Hilux Pickup (gen1)   D. Skinner

1976 Toyota Cortez Pickup Extended Cab (Capsule)

Toyota Lo-Lux Pickup – The Minimalist Edition   Paul N

1982 Truck: When Compact Pickups Roamed The Land

1982 Diesel Pickup

1984 Toyota 4Runner: Beginning Of A Long Line; End Of The Solid Front Axle   Paul N

1986 Toyota Turbo Pickup: Get Tough, Get Turbo   Ben Dinger

1993 T-100   Paul N

1997 Land Cruiser   Brendan Saur

2017 Hilux Pickup  J.Dutch


Eisenhauer Freighter Twin Steer  Jim B.

1952 Fageol Super Freighter  Jim B.

BARC 3-X Amphibious Cargo Vehicle  Robert Kim

The Wienermobile  Robert Kim

Caminhoes do Brasil  Robert Kim