Curbside Classic Archive: Buses

North American/US Brands


1935/6 Ford 1.5 ton School Bus   Aaron65

GM Coach/GMC

GM Futureliner   PN

Chevrolet Buses: Relics Don’t Retire, They Get Rebuilt (Burma)   Tatra87

1947 PD-3751 “Silversides” Greyhound Bus: The First Modern Diesel Bus (GM’s Greatest Hit #11)   Paul N

1949 TDH-5105 Old Look Transit Bus: GM’s Greatest Hit #9, Despite Being The Agent Of A GM Deadly Sin   Paul N

1954 PD4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser   Paul N

1959-Up (TDH-4523) New Look (“Fishbowl”)  Transit Bus  Paul N

PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser   PN

Marmon Herrington Trolley and GMC Old Look   JB


GM Old Look Update  JB

GM New Look Classic  JB

GM PDX 4901  JB

GM Buffalo 4107/4108 4903/4905  JB

GM PD 4104 Highway Traveler  JB/PN


Filxble Clipper  JB

Grumman 870/Flxble Metro  JB

Flxble and AM General New Look Coaches  JB

Flxble Flexette  JB


Gillig Transit Coach: Built Like A Tank   PN

Gillig Low Floor  JB


1947 Bus “Further”: Ken Kesey’s Merry Prankster-Mobile

The Ultimate Hippie Bus (VW bus on roof)   PN

Motor Coach Industries (MCI)

MCI MC-7 Coach (Outtake)   PN

MCI 9 Suncrusier   JB

MCI 6 Supercruiser   JB

MCI 102 B3    JB

Others (alphabetical)

ACF-Brill IC 41  JB

Aerocoach P-372  JB

American Ikarus/North American Bus Industries  JB

1957 Blue Bird All America    PN

Bus Stop Fiction: GM, Flxble or MCI  JB

BRT/Fuel Cell/Battery  JB

CD Beck, Co.  JB

Crown Motor Coaches  JB

Dina Intercity Coaches  JB

Eagle Coaches  JB

Fitzjohn Roadrunner  JB

Green Tortoise: “Nothing Like Your Last Bus Ride”   Paul N

1958 Kassbohrer-Setra Continental Trailways Super Golden Eagle Articulated Bus   PN

1946 Kaiser Articulated Bus: The World’s First Articulated Bus   PN

Kenworth Pacific School Coach  E.VanBuren

Mack MV-620-D  JB

New Flyer DL40F  JB

Neoplan AN 440  JB

NovaBus LFS JB

Prevost H5-60  JB

Prevost Le Mirage  JB

Proterra Battery-Electric Bus  JB

Orion I – VII  JB

Sultana TM 40 SP  JB

Wayne Bus Conversion From the 1950s (Model Not Identified)  PN

“Hippie Buses” (Bus Conversions)

The Pent(Chicken)House Bus Shows Off Its New Paint Job   PN

Bus With Geodesic Dome on Top   PN

Bus/Transit History

The Arc of Eugene’s Transit System Over 120 Years : From Mule trolleys to Bus Rapid Transit  PN

European Buses (alphabetical)

1958 AEC Routemaster: The Ultimate London Bus  R. Carr

1963-1973 Bedford VAL  JB

Bristol Lodekka LD6G Double-decker   GGH06

1958 Citroen U55: See Paris in Style  PN

1963-1964 DAF Semi-Trailer Bus  JD

1966 DAF-Smit Joure  JD

1969 DAF-ZABO   JD

1970 DAF-Jonckheere Originally with Stirling Engine  JD

1970 DAF-Jonckheere  JD

1958-1986 Leyland Atlantean  Big Paws

1961 Mercedes OH 321 Bus Conversion   PN

Late 50s Ayats-Bodied Pegasos: Under the Influence   Tatra87

1960 Saurer Sightseeing Bus   PN

Steyr 380 Bus   PN

Vintage Trolley Buses of Innsbruck and Chile   PN

Japanese Buses

Bonnet Buses  JB

Pre-School Buses  JB

Bonnet Buses  JB

Hino Poncho  JB

Tama and Chiba Monorail  JB

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Cruiser  JB


Skiway: Mt. Hood’s Fabulous Flying Buses   PN